LinkedIn is the premier forum for professional boasting. For modest types, LinkedIn is a necessary evil. You grind out your CV, publish it and try never to go there again. 

But there's a strand of self-believer for whom LinkedIn offers a magical safe space where they can fashion the image of themselves they have always wanted: part-guru, part-prodigy, all success.

The only problem, besides the rest of us gagging, is when they overreach and someone decides to, well, LinkIn and call them out.

That appears to have been the case for a junior partner from Harry Elias LLP, a firm in Singapore which has just ended its combination with Eversheds Sutherland.

Its esteemed founder, Harry Elias, asked the firm librarian to send round an email asking if anyone wanted any of his old books destined for the skip.



You'd be forgiven for deleting the email without a second thought, or at least after determining that Harry doesn't have any Jilly Cooper or Terry Pratchett and we're looking at a box of Singapore Academy of Law Journals. 


For the practised LinkedIn operator, it represents an opportunity to announce to the market that one is, essentially, Harry's anointed heir. Simply reframe the big man's clear-out as the personal bequeathal of a treasured tome:


"An invaluable treasure. You are so blessed with the honour", an enabler commented. "Wow", said another. The reaction from within the firm was slightly different. "It made a few of us over here giggle", said a colleague. 

It may be the case that Mr Elias actually did invite the partner into his office, placed a hand upon his shoulder and revealed that he had been keeping something very special for him, and as a hush descended over the office, he placed into his young Padawan's hands his treasured copy of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act (Chapter 322), and tears were shed.




Who can say.



Anonymous 26 June 20 09:53

Great article. Let's continue to call our LinkedIn shithousery. It is the same type of people at these firms and everyone knows who they are. 

Nonny gen z 26 June 20 12:04

Oh dear god. 

All those stupid stories of all the little human encounters people have had and going on to be all uplifted and full of the joys of humanity. I blame millennials. I really do 

and can we stop those twee fucking job descriptions. I help people to sell their businesses. Lovely but are you an m and a associate or what? 



Anonymous 29 June 20 10:53

LinkedIn has turned into Facebook. It's awful. At least it helps to identify the brown nosers or confirm suspicions about them.


The twitter account "state of LinkedIn" is helpful for identifying LinkedIn shithouses.

Anon 03 July 20 08:54

LinkedIn is the last bastion of the desperate and shameless self-promoters; utter khuntery at its absolute worst. 

Anon 03 July 20 08:59

I forgot to add ... apart from those engaging in shameless self-promotion I hate those witless and mediocre bellends who think that liking or commenting on something that one of their clients or hope-to-soon-be clients has posted is enough to get them an instruction or some meagre scraps from the table. Feeble. Do these people have no sense of self worth FFS.