Yesterday I enjoyed my monthly lunch with my oldest friend, Max. Trisha in Marylebone, absolutely superb, you should go.

Max does very cool stuff for the film industry and was delighted finally to have been recognised for this and nominated as in-house counsel of the year at this year’s women and diversity in law awards. I had not heard of this but apparently it is a thing. I guess any excuse to jump on the bandwagon and rinse people for tables at a crap hotel with yack of lamb and vino collapso.

This found its way to Max’s inbox:



Only, Max isn’t a woman. He doesn’t even have ambiguous pronouns on his email signature. Here we are yesterday. I’d suggest that the number of chromosomes he holds is obvious at even a cursory glance.


Why does anyone still participate in this nonsense?

Or maybe they’re onto something. Max said, "Were I to identify as a woman, I would most certainly identify as an outstanding woman".



Anonymous 16 June 23 10:56

Sly Max. Showing Jamie that to gauge his reaction first before deciding whether or not to make the big announcement! 

Anon 07 July 23 10:32

"I’d suggest that the number of chromosomes he holds is obvious at even a cursory glance." Both male and female have the same number of chromosomes.

Gurl 29 July 23 00:08

The only people who support this kind of dross are those who benefit financially, woman who don't want to compete against men and men who do not think women can compete with them. 

Why be the best lawyer.. when I could be the best female lawyer. 

Anonymous 04 August 23 16:26

Considering the number of women entering the profession far outnumber the number of men the award seems a little antiquated.

benj_warrant 13 September 23 15:16


Maybe there is a characteristic that this gentlemen has which puts him in that latter category, but which the writer does not know about....