A number of readers have got in touch about a golden typo.

The operations manager of the Rolls Building on Fetter Lane, which houses 31 courtrooms, has sent all registered court users an email about fee increases. He's expecting the worst.

RollOnFriday has redacted the poor gentleman's name because we've all done it.

Kind retards,



Anonymous 27 July 16 11:43


[,] require[s] a fee to be paid

[they] may still be submitted

[how ever]

if paid for [by] using

stating how much [in addition] has been deducted


Anonymous 27 July 16 13:07

Not to mention the strange word choices made, e.g.

- the use of "make" in the first sentence - bizarre;

- the word "then" in the third sentence - strange and potentially misleading.

The first sentence of the second paragraph is nearly unintelligible.

What qualifications are needed for this position?

Anonymous 27 July 16 15:02

Well done anonymous users, you clearly have been blessed with excellent educations.

I personally know the sender of the original email, he's a thoroughly decent chap and deserves a break.

Anonymous 27 July 16 15:57

Comment as you may on the written English, but this person is one of the few members of staff at the Rolls Building who is actually helpful.

Anonymous 26 July 16 15:07

I couldn't help feeling a sense of anticlimax as, waiting for the "golden typo", I kept stumbling upon the many others in the email. This manager clearly has a very poor command of written English. How many typos can other readers spot?