RollOnFriday has been alerted to a sexy issue with Wragge's new name.

Wragge, latterly the clunky Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, changed its name last week to Gowling WLG after merging with the Canadian firm Gowlings. As ever with mergers, any modesty surrounding the relative power of the two businesses during negotiations was rudely abandoned when its new name was unveiled. The UK side was slashed down to its initials (which meant it lost the rather lovely, unusual Wragge), while all Gowlings surrendered was its 's'. The loss of the plural was presumably agreed to prevent the firm being thought of as Gowling's WLG, which would, it is true, have been a little on the nose.

There is still a teensy problem, however, which is that the intials of the new firm are already taken. GWLG is widely understood to stand for Girls Who Love Girls.

While this is excellent news for the firm's diversity message (one strand of it, anyway), it is not so excellent given that GWLG is, apparently, a common shorthand for girl-on-girl porn.

So unless the firm is prepared to risk quite extraordinary mixed messaging, its marketing will feature its full name and its full name only, with absolutely no snappy abbreviations - and no character-saving #GWLG on Twitter.

If it had plumped for Wragge LGG, all this could all have been avoided. Almost.



Anonymous 25 February 16 15:38

Morrison & Foerster have a similar problem and they didn't even need to merge.

Anonymous 26 February 16 21:40

Slaughter and May seem to deal with their issue painlessly. Best culture and all that.