Crack it open for a good cause.

The pandemic has turned out not to be as bad as expected for some City law firms’ profits, as evidenced by some hefty pay rises or bonuses and firms even repaying furlough money to the Government.

Most have weathered the storm well, certainly in comparison to their high street colleagues.

In normal years, outcomes exceeding mid-year expectations would be cause for the firms to reward the successful departments with lavish Christmas parties.

Some City law firm Christmas parties have been legendary; A few even notorious, and what they have in common is that they are nearly all expensive.

This year, the pandemic looks certain to prevent any substantial partying from happening at all.

So what is a law firm to do with the extensive funds it will unwillingly save on abandoned festivities?

Well. while some large firms have weathered the COVID 19 storm well, legal advice charities have been suffering badly. The need for help with benefits, housing, debt, employment and community care has risen dramatically. Simultaneously the income agencies gain from charity events such as the London Marathon and the London Legal Walk has dropped equally rapidly and agencies such as Law Centres that rely on Legal Aid for much of their income have been very hard hit.

So what a great thing it would be if firms redirected their annual bash funds to bolstering the charities that help people in need.

A quick swap of hedonism for altruism wouldn’t go amiss in this year and would be a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas.

The London Legal Support Trust (LLST) giving appeal is being launched to support 100 legal advice charities in and around London this Christmas.

If you suggest it to your firm and they like the idea of spreading Christmas cheer, then they can simply send the funds they would have spent on parties to London Legal Support Trust:

CAF Bank

Sort code 40-52-40

Account number 00011860

Reference: RoFXmas.