A year ago we ran a Bonkers Website story about a firm based in Middlesex called Bhogal & Partners. Here's the original article. The firm came to our attention because it gave all its lawyers terrifying blank faces:

I applied my full artistic talents to this important story and haltingly drew in what I imagined to be their actual faces. One was 90% beard:

We asked the firm for a comment but it did not respond.

Until now.

Senior partner Kenny Bhogal has got in touch, nine months later. This is Kenny Bhogal on the site:

This is Kenny Bhogal in Microsoft Paint:

It turns out the Microsoft Paint depiction was pretty accurate. Because Kenny Bhogal did not find the story funny. At all. He has, in fact, possibly spent every night for the last nine months sitting at his kitchen table staring at a print-out of the article consumed with fury. But after nine months of waiting, planning, drafting and redrafting and proofing and perfecting, his response was ready:




Anonymous 03 June 16 14:00

Ironically enough, this firm is above Specsavers. Should have gone to...law school (or at least somewhere where they teach rudimentary grammar and basic tenets of solicitors' conduct.

Anonymous 25 May 16 13:48

Anon 16:17 - you seem to believe that writing in a pretentious "chap" patois signifies articulation, humour, and brightness. It doesn't.

I have no issue with your toffesque person - so long as is isn't used to put down others who have a different identity.

Anonymous 24 May 16 17:17

Christ that's poor English. The chap comes across as inarticulate, humourless and dim. The archetype of the high street solicitor, then...

Anonymous 25 May 16 00:14

This was sent by a 'Senior Partner'?

Great Scott, I thought the website was bad enough, but this letter takes the cake. How can someone with such poor grasp of English actually offer legal advice just beggars belief.