This week RollOnFriday revealed that BPP alerted its students to a vacancy at KFC. Not for a legal position, but for a job as an assistant manager in one of its restaurants. It would be easy to make cheap gags about a law school recommending that its students abandon law and fill up chicken buckets for a living instead. And RoF did. We're not proud. But one commenter offered a particularly well-informed rebuttal: KFC's European Legal Director.

It's the...

"I'd had fourteen different jobs before becoming a lawyer, starting with babysitting and shovelling poo in a stables at 11, and progressing through being a fish stacker, tennis coach, golf club kitchen assistant, supermarket checkout girl, cinema usher, holiday rep, English teacher, and several others in between. Without a doubt, I learned something useful from each (e.g. shovelling Shetland pony poo with a wide pronged fork is a fast track to madness). And without a doubt, working for KFC knocks the spots off every job and every company I've experienced before. Sarah Nelson Smith (KFC European Legal Director)"

Congratulations, Sarah: a RollOnFriday t-shirt is 'chicken' winging its way to you.


Anonymous 19 February 16 10:58

I stood to applaud that comment and will be seeing her at a conference in March so will shake her hand too!

Anonymous 20 February 16 19:42

She works for KFC as a senior lawyer. The job advert wasn't for a legal postion but a manager position in a fast food restaurant. Struggle to see what point she is making.

Anonymous 20 February 16 20:40

I think the point is that if you pass up opportunities for decent paid employment and opportunities to learn and to grow, simply because you're holding out for a particular role or job, you're missing a trick. The key is to focus on enjoying and benefiting from the journey, not to be fixated with the destination. Lawyers are not above non-legal jobs simply because we have law degrees.