I can exclusively reveal that Stelios Platis, CEO of the University of Law, has stepped down.

Dr Platis, an economist who had been a politician in Cyprus, only took on the role in May this year, so he's barely had time to get his knees under the desk. I met him shortly after his appointment. It was an off the record discussion, so the details remain confidential, but he struck me as a pretty odd choice for the head of a law school. Nice enough chap though.

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The new CEO is Professor Andrea Nollent, the university's Vice-Chancellor. She's widely respected throughout the City and should probably have been offered the job in the first place. She is the third CEO at the The University of Law since its new owners, Global University Systems, acquired it last year.

A spokesman said “following the successful restructuring of the University Executive, the board of the GUS group has asked Dr. Stelios Platis to undertake a new assignment specifically focussed on the strategic development of GUS international operations. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrea Nollent will take over Dr Platis’ duties.”

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