ULaw's business school has closed down a week before it was due to start teaching.

In July, ULaw provost Andrea Nollent announced with great fanfare that 'De Broc' would be opening its doors in September. Installed on ULaw's Bloomsbury campus, it was supposed to compete with BPP's business school. Glossy brochures advertised undergraduate degrees in business & management, business & finance and business & marketing. Nollent told The Lawyer, "We are confident that students will be attracted to us even at this late stage and we will build on numbers next year".

Or not. A source told RollOnFriday the school has shut down because there were "no students". When RoF hurried to enrol itself after putting off applying all summer, it was informed that applications were not being accepted for 2015.

A ULaw spokeswoman told RollOnFriday, “As part of ULaw’s unequivocal commitment to uphold the very highest standards of academic quality and student experience, the first cohort for De Broc will run when a viable mix of students, with the correct level of attainment, has been achieved”.

    The new De Broc business exam

De Broc was launched mere weeks after new owner Aaron Etingen bought ULaw earlier this Summer. Credit where credit's due, he's certainly enthusiastic. And despite its travails, ULaw has not had the worst week of the legal education providers by a long shot: as revealed by RollOnFriday, Kaplan Law School has outright collapsed.