RollOnFriday has been told that Squire Patton Boggs is replacing the head of its London office with an American.

An insider says that Robert Weekes will be handing over the reins to Stephen Mahon, who is currently in Cincinnati. Apparently only the firm's partners have been told so far, and many of them are less than delighted. Weekes has been behind the mast for a decade and is very highly regarded. Mahon is currently the firm's "Global Managing Partner, Clients And Strategy" and, our source says, best mates with the firm's Chairman, Mark Reulhmann. And it presumably helps that he looks all-American.


Squires's offices were recently raided by the FBI in connection with Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer, who camped out there and was paid $500,000 by the firm. Unkind commentators might suggest that it should be getting its house in order in the States before messing about with London...

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Anonymous 17 April 18 09:43

Makes you wonder what next for the big man? After 10 years eating biscuits in diversity and equality meetings then it could be some lean times ahead. Mind you, there is always a lucrative side line as a Family Guy look-a-like?

Anon 27 February 19 16:42

Well since this story came out they have been leaving Squires in droves! First floor of the London office now pretty much deserted. Poorly managed and not going anywhere. Rob’s moved on to better things and taken a load of London partners with him - good for him!