The lawyer who called Liverpudlians "scouse scum" has had his partnership terminated.

Clive O'Connell, a London partner at US firm Goldberg Segalla, was interviewed by a Youtube sports channel after leaving Stamford Bridge following Chelsea's 3-1 loss to Liverpool two weeks ago. In it, he called Liverpool fans "scouse scum". In a blog seen by RollOnFriday, he also wrote that the city was "inbred" and that the Liverpool accent was "of the dole queue". After RollOnFriday asked O'Connell about his comments, he provided a comprehensive apology.

But, in an extraordinary move, the Managing Partner of Goldberg Segalla has now posted a video on Youtube announcing that the firm has terminated O'Connell's employment.

In the one minute video, uploaded on Sunday, Rick Cohen says that O'Connell's comments "are entirely inconsistent" with the firm's ethos. He does not identity the specific phrases at issue or mention Liverpool, but says that O'Connell's words, "were offensive, plain and simple". He says that the partner's conduct, "doesn't rise to the standards to which we hold ourselves". For those reasons, he says, "we have terminated our partnership with Mr O'Connell, effective immediately".

Cohen's full statement:

"Hello. My Name is Rick Cohen, I am the Managing Partner of Goldeberg Segalla. I personally recruit every lawyer in every office of this firm's footprint. I tell each of them that this firm is special because the people who join Goldberg Segalla not only need to be excellent at whatever it is they do, but they must be better human beings than they are lawyers. Our core values require that anyone affiiliated with this firm demonstrates respect for their clients, the courts, colleagues and our communities. Respect, tolerance, kindness, diversity, charity; they aren't mere words or amorphous concepts to us. We're true to those values. Clive O'Connell's comments are entirely inconsistent with our ethos. His words are offensive, plain and simple. His conduct doesn't rise to the standards to which we hold oursleves and for these reasons we have terminated our partnership with Mr O'Connell, effective immediately. We are extremely proud of the respectful and giving culture that we worked hard to build and we're committed to maintaining it for ourselves, for our clients and for our communities of which we're part. Thank you."


Anonymous 10 November 15 17:31


Football banter is now an acceptable carve out to being a decent human being, Wow.

I speak as a football fan.

Anonymous 09 November 15 13:57

Utter madness. This is PC behaviour gone absolutely bonkers - all the while that jihadist trainee at CC happily keeps pocketing his salary at the Upper Bank Street HQ like nothing ever happened...

Anonymous 09 November 15 14:12

Being sacked for football banter is awful. Clive is one of the good guys in the industry and deserved better support from his firm. All very sad!

Anonymous 15 November 15 18:43

He deserves to be fired just for the pronunciation "Marino". Nobody can seriously believe that he isn't a proper idiot after that. How could you trust him to produce work of quality?

Anonymous 11 November 15 17:34

Mr O'Connell's offensive remarks were directed at the people and the city of Liverpool not at Liverpool FC. Thus, they were not football banter but an unacceptable, disrespectful and entirely wrong characterisation of the people of Liverpool. How can Mr O'Connell be described as "one of the good guys of the industry" if he shows such arrogance and disrespect towards anyone? Mr Cohen's decision, if somewhat surprising, is admirable and commendable.

Christine, London

Anonymous 12 November 15 08:52

A football fan whose team has just lost insults the fans of the other team on video. He was clearly stupid, but to sack him on social media and say he is a bad human being is wrong!
Who are these people who are offended this easily? Why do they believe they have a right not to be offended? Your moaning and hounding people out of your jobs offends me - should you be sacked? Cohen's face merging in to his neck frustrates me - can he be sacked?

Anonymous 04 December 15 22:41

I worked at a London PR company and came across quite a few people like this gentleman: snide, arrogant types who who defined themselves by putting others down. Smearing Liverpool people as inbred scum is cringe-making and the worst kind of snobbery. Coming from an educated man, who enjoyed all the privileges of a well-paid senior position, it is plain embarrassing and unacceptable..

His company - who will have clients and staff with Liverpool connections - has done the right thing. The internet is full angry people spreading spite and vitriol and making the world a meaner, nastier place. Goldberg Segalla expect better of their employees and have acted accordingly. What George Orwell called 'common decency' matters and helps define a civilised country. We shouldn't lose sight of that.