Quinn Emanuel's Brussels managing partner has branded Boris Johnson a liar and joked that Theresa May is going to Florence to buy shoes.

Trevor Soames, an EU competition lawyer, published his outburst on Linkedin on Sunday afternoon. Stirred to action by Johnson's Telegraph column in which the foreign secretary repeated his claim that leaving the EU would allow £350m a week to be pumped into public services, Soames wrote that Johnson's "ability to lie is only exceeded by his personal ambition". Calling the tousle-haired japester's fib "extraordinary", Soames wrote that the letter of rebuke from the UK Statistics Authority, "made clear that he remains a ? liar".

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The Quinn partner, who has said that he has applied for Belgium citizenship and will not return to the UK post-Brexit, wrote that Johnson only stands behind Theresa May "knife in hand". 

Not that he is a huge fan of May. Exclaiming, "Lord alone knows why" she picked Florence to deliver her speech on Brexit, the Quinn partner mocked her for "going to Florence this week on a taxpayer funded jolly, no doubt to purchase some shoes ? (in respect of which she has excellent taste)".

Opting wisely not to lob any more gender-based slights, Soames finished with a 'wry' concession that "there is a long history to the relationship between England and Florence. It was the English King, Edward III, whose default in 1343 caused a financial crisis and bankrupted the (then) greatest financial houses of Florence".

A LinkedIn follower commented, "You can forget that peerage now".



Anonymous 19 September 17 07:21