Olswang is retaining just 50% of trainees qualifying this September.

It confirmed to RollOnFriday that it did not offer jobs to five out of its ten trainees.

What a miserable showing. But not a complete surprise. Four years ago the firm deferred its entire 2011 intake for a year, apparently without compensation. Consistently unable to find enough jobs for NQs, it slashed the size of future intakes: there are only 12 training contract places available for 2018, down from 24 in 2010. In the meantime, its retention rates have been largely crappy, with those qualifying in September particularly prone to expulsion:

A spokeswoman for Olswang avoided mentioning "50%". Valiantly polishing the turd, she told RoF, “We can confirm that our retention rate for 2015 is 67%. For March, our retention rate was 88%". She said the firm was helping those it's bunging out, claiming, "we have and will continue to support them in their search for a new position”.

  Their current position

2015 is proving to be an annus horribilis for the media firm. It took out its own CEO mobster style, its whole German office quit and its FD was done over by email scammers. Olswang's latest flop is only good news for Mayer Brown, which is no longer bottom of the table.