Hill Dickinson is in advanced talks with Keogh's to transfer its entire insurance business, with the exception of Marine and Healthcare.

Peter Jackson, Hill Dick's Chief Exec, told me this morning that general insurance had become so commoditised that it was now out of kilter with the firm's more specialist Marine and Healthcare practices. It made sense for the firm's lawyers to go somewhere which was committed exclusively to insurance and could provide greater investment and career progression. The aim is for everyone to move by the end of 2017.


Jackson said "I believe that our partners and staff involved in any transition would benefit from moving to a firm whose sole focus is insurance and has invested heavily in IT to service clients efficiently. Furthermore, it would allow us to focus our resource and efforts on areas of future strategic growth, including marine, commercial and health work, while maintaining close relationships with Keoghs to provide an enhanced offering to our retained clients who require insurance related advice.”



Anonymous 11 August 17 07:59

Just reading all the predictable negative and quite frankly uneducated comments regarding this...some people really really need to get out more...quite sad really! Good luck to all involved in what looks set to be a promising venture.

Anonymous 09 August 17 17:21

I absolutely love the transparently managed up- and down-votes, which are clearly in no way orchestrated by either or both of the firms involved.

Just to test my hypothesis, one of the proudest moments of my career was to coin the phrase (subsequently heard on the lips of many a barrister, including a number instructed by the firm in question) 'Keoghsian bumslurry'.

Anonymous 09 August 17 18:47

Liverpool to Bolton in peak traffic is about 1 hr 45 mins, work from home then?.......the end of the endless HD Business Development meetings going nowhere??......

Anonymous 09 August 17 18:55

HD fraud making a loss from memory, could be a give away. Keoghs have a habit of pulling out of deals last minute though.

Anonymous 10 August 17 07:50

What's with the negging and up-thumbing of comments? Seems like HD has unleashed its work force here.

Anonymous 10 August 17 11:49

Hill Dicks are either merging or getting ripped up piecemeal within 6-12 months folks. It's staring us all in the eye. Their HR goons can neg my comment down all they want, it ain't stopping what's now in motion.

Anonymous 10 August 17 12:54

10.49, have you noticed how the army they deployed totally managed to miss the irony adorning the 'sensible business' post, thereby allowing it to escape their transparently tactical downvote strategy?

Anonymous 10 August 17 18:29

When Hill Dickinson re-merged with Hill Taylor Dickinson, I do recall someone quipping: Hill Dicks merges with Hill Dicks to become even bigger dicks.

Anonymous 09 August 17 10:46

Maybe some of the grossly overpaid and incompetent EP and Partners will get a taste of insecurity and put some shifts in, cut those expenses cards up and go on that basic people management course.......no shock really. K is uber efficient and some firms just stood still if not went backwards.

Anonymous 09 August 17 15:24

No doubt the partners with their nice holiday homes in Abersoch aka Cheshire on Sea will be ok thanks very much! Utter failure.