The global head of transport at Watson Farley Williams has been poached by Herbert Smith Freehills. 

Several other lawyers are also leaving with Rex Rosales.

Even if he was departing solo it would represent a hammer blow for WFW. And an interesting coup for Herbies. 

Rosales is a 30 year veteran of the sector. An aviation finance specialist, he effectively founded WFW's transport practice when he joined in 2010 as part of a defection of five transport lawyers from Reed Smith. As its global head he built the department up into a significant team for WFW. As recently as last summer, while announcing new hires from White & Case, he said that transport was "one of the firm’s key specialist sectors" and "one we are committed to expanding”.

Just not with him. Or the rest of the lawyers who are leaving too. 

    He's leaving, on a jet plane. 

A spokesman for WFW declined to comment on how many other partners and associates were following Rosales out the exits, and HSF was also taken a bit by surprise when ROF called up. 

Rosales told RollOnFriday he was not able to comment.


Anonymous 18 April 18 23:33

I know Rex Rosales. He is a stone cold stud. He makes James Bond look like a fumbling teenage boy trying to hit second base.

Anonymous 18 April 18 05:36

Proof if ever you needed it (but then the market has known about it for years) that WFW has its had firmly stuck up a ship’s ass

Anonymous 18 April 18 11:46

I heard all but one aviation partners are leaving with him. how awkward.
I'm not sure how ridiculously cool Rex is comes across from this article. He's like the James Bond of aviation finance.