Thanks to the student who emailed in this flyer - apparently they have been appearing all over BPP law school at Holborn today:


Maybe it's one of BPP's exercises in commercial awareness. Students have to work out that the likelihood of hot, successful businesswomen paying £150 an hour for Magic Circle wannabes to hang off their arms at the opera is between zero and f*ck all. And certainly rather less than that of their "application fee" being trousered and never seen again.

Or that offering themselves up for this sort of thing might be a career limiting move. The website has pictures of young men in varying states of undress ("non-sexual companion services" my arse) on sale for the discerning City lady. Including "Daniel", who describes himself (under a picture of him naked from the waist up) thus:

"I'm educated in Law, have an athletic physique and am very easy-going and natural in social situations. I would love to help you in any way I can so do give me a call and we can try and arrange something."

I bet the firm that's paying your way through law school would be delighted to read that, Daniel.

Or maybe this really is money for old rope. Any students who've had positive experiences of this sort of thing can write in anonymously here.