The Dean and CEO of BPP University is leaving.

RollOnFriday has learned that Peter Crisp announced to staff yesterday that he was stepping down. His last day will be next Friday. 

It follows the departure in March of BPP's Vice Chancellor Carl Lygo, and means that within the last 18 months, BPP has lost its CFO, CEO, COO and Dean. In February, BPP's owner Apollo Education Group was sold for $1.1 billion to a private equity consortium.

    2/1 he's off to be PM 

Crisp, a qualified barrister and culture vulture, joined BPP in 1997. He is widely credited with building the law school into a dominant force in legal education. Under his tenure it became the major law firms' favourite, and dozens sent their future trainees through BPP's GDL and LPC. In fact he pretty much is BPP. But not any longer. It could be the end of the university as a key player in the law. Read more on Friday.


Anonymous 09 June 17 17:13

Good scoop RoF.

Peter is a legend. This is the end of BPP, and very sad too. Don't know what their new owners were thinking.