Baker McKenzie has managed an excellent retention rate of 94%, RollOnFriday understands.

The firm made offers to 100% of its trainees qualifying this autumn. One declined, an inside source told RollOnFriday, "as they like money". Translation: find them tomorrow at a US firm.

94% surpasses the firm's own decent stat in spring, when it retained 13/16 (81%) of its trainees. And last autumn's score, when it kept on 14/16 (88%).

RoF is waiting on Bakers to confirm the number of trainees in the latest intake. Was it 16? It was 16 before. And the time before that. But will it be 16 this time? RollOnFriday does not know. It could be. It might not be. It is not known at this time.


Read more shortly. Fingers crossed it's 16, though. The symmetry - the continuity - would be pleasing.

God it would be great if it was 16. Please be 16. In the meantime, here's the table:

Sod it. If it's 16, I'm going to buy a bunch of flowers for my wife and get my daughter one of those learner bikes. And, why not, I'm going to book a family holiday. Nothing extravagant, just a weekend break. But they'll really like it. They deserve it. If it's 16. 

Update: It is 16! 

A spokeswoman said that one trainee wanted to return home, so they were sent to qualify into the firm's Belfast office. Presumably their home is in Belfast, otherwise, ouch, cold move. Another "liked it so much" on secondment in Brussels that they "decided to stay". And the one who left, because they liked money, has not gone to a US firm, but a "specialist finance company". Maybe Black Rock, maybe Wonga.

Baker McKenzie Training Principal Arron Slocombe said, "I'm very pleased that we have such a high retention rate this year and have been able to make offers not just in London, but also in Brussels and Belfast. We our committed to attracting the best and brightest talent and offer the finest training and opportunities, while also maintaining our culture of being a great place to work".

Pack the bags, kids, we're going to Yarmouth.