Ince & Co is the latest firm to drop Kaplan a year before the failed law school is due to shut.

Even though Kaplan is going to wheeze on with the GDL and LPC until next September before closing its doors for good, Ince told its LPC students this week that it is sending them to BPP with immediate effect.

As RollOnFriday revealed yesterday, fellow Kaplan client Mayer Brown is also sprinting from the school's new USP, the stench of death, and into the comforting arms of BPP.

    Auuaahh don't touch me Kaplan!

Expect other firms to follow suit, uncomfortable with the idea of their newest recruits breathing in business sadness and staff despondency for a year.

With Ince plumping for BPP, the Kaplan Memorial Match score now stands at BPP 4, ULaw 1.

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Anonymous 10 September 15 13:19

What about the City Law School? I did the LPC there and surely they are another viable option - better than UoL surely?!