An assistant in DWF's Birmingham office has reached the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent.

By day James Neale is an insurance lawyer. By night he is a quarter of popular music ensemble The Neales, along with his two brothers and his dad.

I know as much about popular culture as the next man. Providing the next man is David Cameron. I had heard of the show but never watched it, until directed to The Neales' audition. They make a fantastic sound. They are in tonight's live semi-final and will be hoping for a place in the Grand Final on Sunday in front of the Royal Family.

    James does his thing

The audience can ring in and vote for them. I really hope they do, even at the cost of having to support Simon Cowell's awful, mawkish, money-making vehicle. The soaring strings that accompany the story of the journey that has led to this day, the tears in the audience, the cheeky Geordie chappies introducing the act, little homilies from the likes of Amanda Holden. "Things happen in life to make you live life better". A more streetwise colleague tells me that she probably said that to Les Dennis.

But I digress. The show may be a car crash but the act is superb. Up until now the closest the legal profession has ever come to victory in this competition is Susan Boyle, who does a fair impression of Mark Stephens in drag:

    You never see them in the same room

So do your bit for and get voting. If only to prevent it being won by a dog that clears up its own poo or whatever is currently delighting the great British public.