Mon 1st June - 11.22 am

Why is it that whenever the sun comes out I get 'cold like symptoms'? Surely that isn't fair!!

Anyway, I've never written a blog before so I'm not quite sure if you are meant to write them in advance or in arrears. Working from home today, a little sun burnt from the weekend wondering whether middle age is catching up with me or whether it was the ridiculously large roast beef dinner followed by oversized cheesecake and 3 pints in the sunshine yesterday may be a contributory factor to me feeling generally lathargic today.

In other news, it really gets on my nerves when people don't call/respond when they say they will or when it is in their interest to. Whats the old saying? you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I heard a similar saying about wives recently, an old friend of mine was heard to mutter "can't live with them, and you can't chuck them in a bath of acid", not that I would endorse that of course (in case my wife happens upon this).

11.24 am - Over and Out.

11.31 am Question: Can anybody actually see this? or am I like some mental patient rocking back n forth on my own. Somebody make a comment or something to put me out of my misery - Ta.
11.32 am - Over and Out