I had dinner with my 91-year-old grandmother recently, and she shared this gem. I thought it deserved a wider audience.

Samuel Cohen, having reached an enormous age, is on his deathbed. He holds the hand of his beloved wife Rachel.

"Rachel, my darling. You were with me when we were in the ghetto back in Russia?"

"Yes Samuel, my love."

"And when they sacked the ghetto and we had to flee to Germany, you were with me then?"

"Yes darling."

"And when the Nazis came for us and we left for England, you were with me then too?"

"Of course."

"And when the blackshirts came and set fire to our shop in the East End, you were with me then?"

"Yes darling."

"And now, as I am near my final breath, you are here by my side?"

"Yes Samuel."

"You're a fucking jinx."