04 July 2013
Although expecting a tranquil return to London this summer to resume study at BPP Law School, I have been asked at the last minute to take part in the British 10K Run through London next Sunday 14th July. Having eaten a considerable number of German sausages and much potato salad in the past month, washed down by Munich's finest beer, I can neither say that I am at my physical peak nor that I immediately embraced the prospect of a leg-cramping run.
So what motivated me to jettison my doubts? Simply hearing about the wonderful work of Malaika Kids in aid of which I will be running. The charity seeks to provide AIDS orphans in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with housing, medical care and education, so giving them a future they would otherwise be denied.
Malaika Kids first seeks out suitable relatives of the orphaned child, in whose household the child may be brought up, and where this is not possible, the child is accommodated in the unique Malaika Children’s Village. The village is made up of family houses where ten boys and girls of mixed ages grow up together, looked after by a house-mother. The children are taught in on-site classrooms.


Without the support of this charity, these children would doubtless be living on the streets with very bleak prospects. If you too would like to support the work of Malaika Kids, please visit the website to find out more: And please click here if you'd like to donate. Every bit of support makes a difference.