Arsene Taxand has kicked off the new year by sending naked pictures of its lawyers to clients via an electronic greeting card.

It's not clear if the lawyers have been forced by management to pose in the buff. It could be that the French firm is trialling nudism in the workplace and a memo went round saying "Hey staff, release yourselves from those tomb-like textiles you call clothes and join our free body culture. Now who's up for ping-pong?" It's all fine butterfly spirit stuff until someone makes a horrendous etiquette faux pas in a crammed elevator.

  That's not footsie that Serge (right) is playing under the table
  This isn't what Brigitte had in mind when she said she wanted to work closely with Charles
The IT department were informed that Bernard's laptop was stuck
"What the hell is that tiny squiggle?" someone shouted during Pictionary
  "Défendre, protéger", Chantal's mantra in the office

  The couple in Starbucks gave up their seats after Pierre had lingered over the table
  Which translated means "Find the right balance". Or in medical terms, breast augmentation
Hands up if you've had enough of these photos
  The problem with nudist law firms - trying to remember where you put your ticket for the cloakroom

Arsene Taxand can expect a tonne of job applications from those who like to take dress down Fridays to another level, including this lawyer. 

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