The RollOnFriday team is sad to have to report that a man in Belgium has caught one of us self-pleasuring.

'Krebs Ferree' emailed to let us know that he recorded a pervert through a camera in one of our computers at ROF Towers. He says that unless we cough up he's going to send it everywhere.

Against the veracity of all this, he did address his email to a woman who left the business ten years ago. But in its favour, it's true and it was me.

I missed the deadline by a couple of hours, but Krebs has not replied and mother hasn't called, so fingers crossed he's got nothing.


Anonymous 01 Jun 18

The Sainsburys stuffed crust is very thin - Pizza Hut do one with cheese and bacon which is perfect....

Anonymous 05 Aug 18

Such wonderfully rich and vivid imagery. Well written sir, may your member stand tall and proud.

Anonymous 08 Jun 18

i cried a little when I read the response... RoF's badgering of internet fraudsters is consistently perfect.

"milked my satan's tail" thank you Jamie, thank you.

Anonymous 26 Nov 18

Anyone gullible enough to fall for this is not going to know how to acquire bitcoins and pay them over to the guy/girl!

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