Tip of the hat to LadyPenelope613 on the discussion board for spotting this apartment for sale in London:

Modern kitchen units:


Discreet lighting and sanded wooden floorboards:


Bright, airy W.C. in a glass case in the bedroom:

Some people have a display unit to show-off their books, others use it for trophies. However, this lucky homeowner can gather the family around the glass cabinet at Christmas whilst Uncle Barry squats on the porcelain throne with his face contorted belting out a one-man symphony. Yours for under £335k.

If you've stumbled across other gems on the property market, let us know.


Anonymous 19 October 16 16:32

a new interpretation of a "sh*t, shave and a shower"? and potentially horrible depending on what you brought home from the pub/bar/party the night before......

Anonymous 19 October 16 18:02

That room is a shoebox from the floorplan on rightmove. So you really would be uncomfortably close to the action.

Anonymous 21 October 16 14:31

10 years ago, if you suggested professionals might want to live in Bermondsey, you would have been laughed out of the room. Christ, there are now "luxury penthouses" in the place. Still, it's not far to Guys for when you get stabbed.