Nothing brings to mind brutal power games, dragons and the promise of fleeting nudity like the Game of Thrones theme tune. Duhduh-duhduhduhduh-duhduhduhduhduh-duhduhduhduh deeeeeeduhduhdidideeduuuududehduuuuuh duh - so evocative. But cut off my willy and send it away in a box, because now you can add 'costs barristers' to the list.


No, costs barrister Andrew Hogan's website is not on the face of it as exciting as coming face-to-face with a white walker, getting a sword through the face or finding a bag of spare faces. In fact, it looks duller than a date between that slave girl translator who can't act so good and that eunuch soldier who can't act so good, and whose Action Man groin we didn't even get to see during their sex scene.

Hogan doesn't have any sex scenes on his website, instead he poses in scenic Nottingham.

 The Wall   

However he does have a theme tune.

And it goes like this: Duhduh-duhduhduhduh-duhduhduhduhduh-duhduhduhduh deeeeeeduhduhdidideeduuuududehduuuuuh duh- Yes, it's the Game of Thrones theme tune, and it plays automatically when you land on Hogan's site. A reader told RollOnFriday about it because, I imagine, his colleagues heard it blaring from his monitor and assumed he was googling 'Tyrion words of wisdom' instead of doing his work, and he cried, "I'm not skiving, this costs barrister has got the Game of Thrones theme tune on his website", but they didn't believe him and pushed him out of a window, crippling him, and now he gets pulled around on a sled and despite demanding they stop everyone calls him the three-eyed raven.

Hogan does allow you to pause the music, but you shouldn't, you should risk becoming the three eyed raven, because the alternative is reading about costs law with nothing to distract from that, and without the Game of Thrones theme tune playing you will beg for a vial of that poison that gave Joffrey varicose vein face. Of course Hogan knows that, which is why he's made costs law more interesting by adding stirring music. And it goes both ways. After a visit to Hogan's site, you'll never watch the show again without the nagging thought that the Lannisters should always pay their debts with the assistance of a costs lawyer providing an accurate assessment of the amounts due.

    Hogan in action 

Hogan's a true fan of the show, even referring to the fact that season 7 is available to buy in a post headed Winter Has Come. Hopefully he's got a deal to use their music, otherwise HBO Will Come and slap him with a copyright infringement suit, and that can only end one way: with a cute pixie cut and a naked procession down Exchange Arcade. Right, that's enough Game of Thrones references, I don't want to go hodorboard.


Anonymous 04 October 17 15:04

Appears to have been changed to a fanfare of some kind, not nearly as evocative as the GoT track...

Anonymous 04 October 17 20:19

He is an excellent lawyer to work with. Helped me out of some sticky situations during the track changes a few years ago.

Anonymous 06 October 17 11:36

Now it’s changed to the Marines’ Hymn...
‘From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli...’