Yesterday the (excellent) restaurant chain Pachamama sent a craven apology to all those on its database:

pachamama apology

And what was it that had caused such offence? An invitation to a party they are hosting for Chinese New Year this Saturday.

pachamama rat

I myself will be celebrating it at Bright Courtyard on Baker Street. Kung hei fat choi!



Anonymous 02 February 20 07:11

The irony is that Pachamama a Peruvian restaurant is more likely to serve rodent as Guinea pigs are a common dish in Peru

Anonymous 03 February 20 12:48

As well as being unfunny it just smacks of casual racism which is heartless at this time

When we accept prejudice against one group it slowly allows xenophobia to creep in against others who "don't look like they're from around here". If we laugh at one minority today it opens the door to any of us from different cultures or religions being marginalised or targeted tomorrow.   

Anonymous 03 February 20 22:12

I agree with the above. I thought we'd moved on from 70s humour. Shocking how this has just been brushed away. Imagine the uproar if a similar 'joke' was made against blacks or other races.