"Dear RollOnFriday, 

I was worshipping on Sunday when I noticed this servant of mammon resting cheekily on a pew. I wonder if any other readers have spotted similar desecrations?

A Men"

How about it, readers? Have you spotted a Withers umbrella in a mosque? Or a DLA mousemat in a synagogue? Email [email protected] for a chance to win forgiveness.

(NB the pen must be loved - it predates Herbies' name change.)


Anonymous 13 August 17 13:23

I'm told the ink penetrates Max Mara wool (and maybe cassocks) something dreadful. Class action anyone?

Anonymous 11 August 17 05:36

Hah... the same pens that our firm used to use (and hand out to clients): they may not combust in the presence of holiness but they do explode magnificently at altitude on aircraft!

Anonymous 18 August 17 20:18

What I want know is why the bloke three pews up has his tie cast rakishly over his shoulder. Is he eating lobster rolls in church? Or is that anew C of E thing?