Yung Keir Starmer

wood not at a shirt /tie combo level 

1990 was a dark year for fashion

*remembers shell suit*

I think he looks better now tbh. One of those men that grows more handsome with age.


He does look amazing for 60, looks easily no more than 35ish. He seems to have a very pretty much younger wife .

Imagine this guy telling you he was Thirty-Five years oldKeir Starmer

He's a good looking boy for sure.

i might be turned by those cheek bones

pls descrb plums

I think people who say the North would reject this guy overlook how damp bored mining country housewives are going to get for this posh totty. Got the female vote sewn up for sure. When was the last time we had a genuinely handsome man leading one of the two big parties?

Eden was quite handsome I suppose, but more in an edwardian gay icon way.

Law firms are full of 35 yo men who look older than that Inceh.

Laz - are your forgetting the utterly horrible Wendy Deng diary entries about Blair? Heh.

Proper vom.

Not sure I ever knew them to forget.