Your ideal taskmaster line up
Wang's Upon a Time 19 Jun 24 21:45
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You need five people.

At least two from each gender (for these purposes the genders are "born with a willy" and "born with a fanny").

They dont have to be alive.

They do have to not be a segue into some more boring election bollocks.


Rhod Gilbert (yes he’s been n before but his was the best performance by a distance - would love him to be on again)

Michael Palin in his youth

Rowan Atkinson (likewise)

Victoria Wood

Kathy Burke.

I thought about Victoria Wood but i know she was incredibly self conscious and in her own head, so I thought she’d be far too careful…if that makes sense, you need people who would lose themselves in it. Youthful Rowan Atkinson or Palin are actually excellent shouts. 

Dusty - yeah it could go either way. Originally I had a youthful Miranda Richardson but that was two Blackadder legends in one show which I thought might be counterproductive.

What I really enjoyed about the last series was Nick Mohamed’s sheer joy and enthusiasm about being there, it was so adorable. Cf Steve Pemberton’s earnest and transparently desperate need to win…it grated and I was secretly pleased he didn’t end up winning the whole thing, even tho that isn’t actually that important in the grand scheme of things, he just felt a bit too try-hard…

It’s not had 22 seasons. It’s had 17 seasons. I still laugh out loud every season, so I think it can continue IMO. V excited about Live Experience tickets, too!!! 

People who have already appeared on it:

  • Lucy Beaumont
  • Mike Wozniak
  • Sam Campbell
  • Sophie Willan
  • Tim Key

People yet to appear / will never appear:

  • Bo Burnham
  • David Mitchell
  • Jessica Hynes
  • Rik Mayall
  • Victoria Wood


The best bit about that programme is when Greg Davies just loses it - his hysterical laughter seems to raid him. He is all calm and sensible then the comedy bounds in and shits everywhere like an incontinent labrador puppy on acid. I love it. It is immediately infectious. 

Not long James Acaster just lost it and Davies the school teacher came into play and that whole thing was beautiful and v lollious.