Your favourite health tea

I'm about to try a Yogi Women's Energy and will report back

Which do you like best ?

Tea comes from a tea bush. Black, white or green only. Anything else (and especially fruit teas) is an abomination except maybe a cup of jasmine with a Chinese. 

I've been guzzling lots of Pukka teas over this past year. I'm currently liking "revitalise". I guess it doesn't live up to the name in terms of effects, but it is pleasingly spicy. 

I struggle with pukka because almost everything has liquorice!

F&M Breakfast Blend. Failing which home brewed Masala Chai

The Pukka teas I've tried all smell like feet to me.

Is the pukka revitalise the one that used to be called detox? It's yummy. Haven't bought that for ages 

I have quite a lot of boxes of loose leaf something from T2 that against all odds I like. Not sure if all or some of it is actually tea of some sort. 

Organic Mint Chocolate Rooibos is my fave...allegedly v good for sleep and digestion