Your favourite Arnie film


  • Shoulder mounted auto-targeting laser cannon.
  • Constant dread and hopelessness.
  • Half the film is Arnie running away.
  • “If it bleeds, we can kill it.”


  • Softer side to Arnie. Loves his daughter.
  • One man show from start to finish.
  • Baddy looks like only thing he lifts is his boyfriend’s legs.
  • Other baddy looks like a mid-tier solicitor.
  • “Let off some steam, Bennet.”

The correct answer is of course The Running Man.

"Here's your Subzero. Now plain zero!"

Commando - pure escape

Predator - survival of man

Terminator 2 - survival on mankind

Conan the Barbarian - B movie goodness

Kindergarten Cop - wholesome comedy

Red Heat - the sauna scene 

For me it is Predator. Just a perfect sci fi action film. Great protagonist in the Predator itself that sparked a whole slew of sequels, comics and games. Arnie at his finest with full on action and one liners. If you haven't seen it I would recommend watching the making of extras on the dvd (probably on youtube these days) about the cast and how it was made. 


Interesting that the new Predator film Prey is coming out on Disney+ on Friday taking us back to what looks like 18th century with the native Americans.

Predator vs Commando. It's a difficult choice. Commando has the benefit of some comedy, and varied locations. 

Predator is intense, darker, more masculine. 

It depends on your mood. Today, it's Commando for me. I'm dead tired. 

Total Recall. Juicy, action-packed pulp sci-fi with gorgeous effects and great villains: elements so well done it's often overlooked that it's underpinned by a brilliant plot.

I don't get on with TR. Watched it three times, it's great but has a bad vibe. Classic 90's nihilism. It's like robocop. Nobody loves corporate greed movies. 

Mankind's survival is a better emotional link. For me at least, Jamie. You corporate shill you. 

don't ban me

You had me at Sharon Stone. 

Off topic, I watched the un-redacted Basic Instinct. Hell of a thriller. Way better than the watered down version we got on British TV. 

  • Termi ator 1.
  • The dark tone.
  • Sinister OST.
  • The excessive, gritty violence.
  • Arnie as the enemy.
  • T2 was obviously great buy T1 lifts it by the back legs, tells it that tomorrow's wash day, and walks it around.

I've never been huge on sci-fi so for me it's, without question, Conan (The Barbarian, the shockingly poor The Destroyer doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned).  Fantasy seems to be by far the most difficult genre to do well on screen, but there are some bits that even Robert Howard would have approved, I think - "Crush your enemies", the snake-arrow, the monologue later on as the riders of Set are galloping full tilt towards the mound ("Valour pleases you Crom, so grant me one thing...). Arnie's accent totally works as the taciturn Cimmerian, and 

Plus the music.  And Sandahl Bergman.  


​​​​I can hear him say it. 

​​​​Arnold is probably most improved actor imo.