Your favorites strategies, stratagems, devices, mechanisms and hey, yes, even hacks, for killing time while the man is paying you to be on duty

Researching my next book you see. 

Unkle Sheitgeist

When you own part of the business it's not like that really 

Can see why trainees and paralegals like you just want to pass the time until they can head back to their basement though 

People on fixed hours contracts with no hope of bonuses often kill time - e.g. shop workers, hospitality workers, paralegals etc 

The snooze is a wonderful thing.  Pop into the reflection room and stick the sexy voice of tamara beckitt on for an hour of mindfulness.

I learned from the best (the ​​​​​​Beano's Roger the Dodger) and haven't knowingly done a day's work since the age of about seven. 

RoF used to be a site for bored, lazy young lawyers. Over the years it seems to have become a place for angry boomers. 

A very fixed share EBITDA 

Conversations ongoing about me getting a proper slice, given my performance 

Davos, ah I see. Please tell me as is often the case your linkedin bio says " Davos owner of/at XYZ Law firm"