Your 1990s XI

Clear from the discussion the other day that football peaked in 1996. Let’s have your 1990s dream teams. Mine:


Thuram  Sammer Costacurta Lizarazu 


Rui Costa      Zidane      Hagi

         Stoichkov       Ronaldo (fat)









Cafu Matthaus Desailly Maldini

Zidane Davids Seedorf


Shearer (C) Ronaldo (fat)

Honourable mentions:

Del Piero





and yes, i get that Desailly was more a CM than a CB in the 90s but i wanted him in there.

my team would of course have a total melt down within a week due to having two dutch egotists bossing the midfield

Important Q.



Cafu Baresi Thuram Maldini

Sammer Keane

Baggio Zidane Rivaldo 











“and yes, i get that Desailly was more a CM than a CB in the 90s”

Odd that you make that comment of Desailly when people are playing Matthaus and Sammer at CB on the same thread. Desailly was more of a career CB than either of those two who were really both sweepers, but the kind of sweeper that sits in front of the defence not behind.

Desailly did his best work for Milan as a deep lying CM though.....

Agreed RE Matthaus and Sammer who were your typical sweepers. Swap Matthaus for Baresi in my team.


Cafu, Sammer Desailly Maldini


Beckham Zidane Rivaldo

Fat Ronaldo  Romario









So many good forward in the 90s

No room even in my match day squad for Batistuta, Shearer, Sheringham, Vialli, Klinsmann

Will need to give it some thought - no Van Basten - although his career was pretty much over by 1993

The main problem with most of these sides (defensive structure aside) is that there are more than few players inclined to lose their shit and stamp on somebody...

Jason Dozzell has got to be a bit miffed at missing the cut here.

Bit harsh on Deschamps and Vieira too.  


This is easy.


G Nev, Stam, Pallister, Irwin

Becks, Keano, Scholes, Giggs

Cantona and Ole Solskjaer

None of that foreign muck


Cafu          Baresi       Stam        Maldini


                     Redondo   Keane

 Rivaldo                Mathaus            Overmars














Although you could split it into early 90s and mid to late 90s as Baresi was done by about 96/97 and Stam was more prominent late 90s.

Fair point Bongo

the likes of Nedved would walk into a late 90s team

waiting some scouse twat to propose Steve mcmanaman 

Early 90s team:


Jorginho  Baresi  Kohler Brehme


 Boban   M Laudrup   Waddle

  Van Basten   Klinsmann

Subs (only 3 in those days)





Cafu          Baresi       Koeman        Maldini




 Baggio                Zidanne          Giggs


            Ronaldo               Van Basten



Heguita (just cause he would be ace)




Roger Mila (he was the ultimate sub and that dance)

Chanadaler mate, did you mean to post that on the other thread?

Litmanen not getting enough love on here imo

he was the main man in that class Ajax team

Great player, not sure he can displace Hagi or Stoichkov though

Chanadaler mate, did you mean to post that on the other thread?


I posted before I saw the other thread.

Thinking about it I’m sure we all meant to include Michael Laudrup somewhere so I have mentally done that in every team.

u r welcome

For me it was a tough call between Hagi and Giggs. Hagi was incredible in the tournies but his hot temper affected his club career. Giggsi played for Wales. 

Stoichkov was a forward and there were so many good ones. I added van Basten up front but left out Gullit, who played well into mid 90s.

Genuinely shocked Rob Lee hasn’t had a mention yet though 

or some Man Utd supporting tede banging the Paul scholes drum

Wellers your list includes Seedorf, Litmanen, fvcking Shearer (also as captain) and Donadoni. 

I may give you Seedorf but Litmanen never replicated his Ajax form. Shearer scored lots of goals as long as opponents had a weak defender, no other striker went for the ball and all the crosses landed in front of him. Captained some of England's worst performances. I liked Donadoni but there were better midfielders even in the Italian side of his time. 

Shearer scored lots of goals as long as opponents had a weak defender, no other striker went for the ball and all the crosses landed in front of him.

one of the most laughably bad comments ever seen on Rof.

blackburn era Shearer was the most complete striker the PL has ever seen

I think you can justify Shearer as he was the top scorer at Euro 96. Wouldn’t be my choice but there we are.

He scored over 30 goals a season for 3 season consecutively ffs

if he hadn’t got seriously injured after his first season at Newcastle he would have scored over 20 goals a season for a decade

Sort of on topic but perhaps not quite:  Dennis Bergkamp must have a place in any top XI over any period.  The Newcastle goal was funny.  The Argentina  goal was amazing.   But I loved him at Arsenal for his ability to combine sublime skills and nasty little digs and elbows.  He was the best IMO and not just in England.   

The pl wasn’t exactly the strongest league around in those days though Wellers. Would have been interesting to see how he would have got on in Italy or Spain but I don’t think was ever on the cards

I stand firmly behind my comment on Shearer. He was the best English striker at the time but at one point he was playing with Heskey as his sidekick (lol). At club level the forrin clubs never came for him because everyone knew he was less of a team player. Used to bully players and managers. Steve Mcmanaman, Gazza, Platt and even Paul Ince  managed to sell themselves to Serie A or La Liga clubs (who were just throwing money around in those days). 


You’re a fucking idiot. Shearer and Heskey started one game together for England.

pre injury he would have dominated any league in the world. Pace, power and finishing, he had all of it.

Van Basten is my favourite player ever, but I wouldn’t put him in a 90s XI because, well, he didn’t really do much in the 90s.

Stam and Rijkaard both have strong claims to edge Thuram out of my team.

I‘d have to agree that if you were looking second half of 90s then the team would look v different. Something like:


First half (4-3-3 Schmeichel, Panucci Baresi Rijkaard Maldini, Sammer, Keane, M Laudrup, Baggio, Stoichkov, Romario

Second half (4-2-3-1): Schmeichel, Cafu, Stam, Thuram, Maldini, Nedved, Keane, Zidane, Del Piero, Rivaldo, F. Ronaldo

Any keepers other than schmeichel worth a mention?

and yes I’m think of pavel srnicek

Pagliuca, certainly. I was not really a massive Kahn fan, it’s not that I think he had any major flaws but I’m not sure what was so great about him. The three dominant international sides of the era - France. Brazil and, in the first half of the decade, Germany - didn’t really have standout keepers. I think Schmeichel was in gold for the World for pretty much the entire decade. 

England had great depth of goalkeeping talent in that era - four or five keepers of international class - but no true greats.

Craig James

Craig Hignett

Craig Liddle

Craig Davies

Craing Gardner

Craig Johnston

Craig Farrell

Craig Jones

Craig Curran

Craig Bellamy

on the bench: Craig Dayyyy-vid


Zanetti Baresi Costacurta Maldini


Baggio Zidane Del Piero 

Batigol Ronaldo

Need to think carefully about this.


However, two dreadful shouts in there.


Costacurta as the Italian centre half? Baresi and Nesta way ahead of him. Not to mention Ciro Ferrara. However, I also had a soft spot for Paulo Montero so he might partner Baresi in my team.


Makelele. In the 90's? The Nantes, Marseille and Celta Vigo version?


I'm  not sure I'd have Hristo as a lone CF either but that's not particularly dreadful 

Fair point re Makelele. I'll replace him with Keane

Stoichkov was eminently capable of being a lone CF. He’d be more suited to being the roaming, false-nining attacking pivot in a modern 4-2-3-1 than a pure target man, but fuck it, if you wanted to whack 50yd balls to him in the air, he’d pick them up; he cut his teeth in Bulgarian league football fgs

p.s. wasn’t Nesta at school in the 90s

Costacurta as the Italian centre half? Baresi and Nesta way ahead of him

Nesta was good at the end of the 90s, but his best years were in the 2000s. And Cannavaro was better over comparable years. 

Costacurta was a superb defender, a great organiser and comfortable on the ball. V highly rated by his teammates as well which is always a good sign. I picked him over Baresi as I think by 1990 his best days were behind him. 

agreed, I don’t see the problem with nominating Billy

By the end of his career he was almost as good a player as peak Baresi tbh

Baresi played until the 1996 / 1997 season. I would still rate him better than Costacurta.

My all time list is

            Gianluca Pagliuca

 Baresi  Sammer Maldini

      Matthaus Effenberg

        Baggio Lentini laudrup

Romario Ronaldo


Nesta had played 130 Serie A games by the end of the 99/00 season. However, he didn't move to Milan until 2002 so point accepted on best football being in the 00's (probably last 2 seasons at Lazio and first couple at Milan).


Costacurta was clearly not capable of being selected as one of the top two CB's of the 90's.


My team:


GK: Schmeichel

LB: Maldini

RB: Zanetti

CB: Baresi

CB: Montero

DM: Matthaus

DM: Keane

AM: Savicevic

AM: Zidane

AM: M Laudrup

CF: Ronaldo

I am interested in his story so i've had a soft spot for him.

Actus your team contains two walking red cards, sort it out 

In that side, if I was going to replace anyone it would be Keane. Potentially for the Water Carrier or, to go ultra creative, Prosinecki

Lots of decent DM in that era when you think of it. Redondo, Dunga, Wim Jonk, Rijkaard, Simeone

Surprised no one has mentioned Figo as far as I can see.


Figo def straddled the decade

See also Mendieta who was a glorious player

heh @ montero. Angry little man

He was a fabulous defender though Wellington. Could play a bit too.

Ryan Giggs:


"Paolo Montero and Ciro Ferrara of Juventus were the toughest defenders I played against. It was: ‘The ball might go past us but you’re not’. It was old school. I remember at Old Trafford once, starting out on the right, cutting in, beating two Juventus players and I could see Montero. I cut inside him and he just lifted his leg up and I went flying. I looked up and he was just jogging back. It was nothing to him. I don’t think he even got booked."



Cafu – Maldini – Baresi – Roberto Carlos


            Davids – Zidane


Barnes -------------------------- Del Piero


            Romario – Fowler




Slightly attacking formation featuring Zidane in the "Alonso" role

Yes that's why I said not a choice to sniff at. Of course.