You know when you just get that hankering for KFC?


No, because KFC is strictly for mouth-breathing inbreds.

OK I'll bow to your obviously greater experience of the subject.

Strong talk for some1 from that part of the world to cast about questions of inbreeding.  Like serge questioning one's chromosome count.

badders can u actually throw a stone without hitting an uncle?

KFC is awful. A lady we know had a m8 who found bits of spinal cord in hers. 

For the true stout yeomen/Brexiteers, there's only one takeaway and that's GOOD OLD ENGLISH FISH & CHIPS!

Kan’t Find the Cat. 

I worked in one aged 17. Never eaten one since. Just saying. 

I have never had a KFC.  Or a Greggs.

This is not out of snobbishness*, it just hasn't come up.  



*I have had any number of Chicken Cottages and kebabs.

I love fried chicken. KFC just happens to taste the best 

Essential element of a keto diet

Was put off for a time as it seemed to be swilling in transfats.

Ok now,so it's Kfc bucket time ahoy 

I have had a kfc once.  It was in December 2008 and a friend of mine couldn’t believe I’d never had one so we went there to grab lunch.  I don’t get it, a burger is much better.

We has an almost identical conversation about Nandos in 2014 when she came to visit me, again we went there for a meal and again I just don’t get it. 

I like chicken, I like fried chicken even, but what’s the big deal?  It’s no better or worse than any number of random places that make the same stuff. 

I have never, ever had a hankering for KFC or anything else involving fried chicken or batter. Including F&C, yes.