Yesterday - film

Is the ending a "ghost of Lennon" type thing. It's Curtis, it's got to be. 



Have you seen the trailer? I quite like the premise. Not going to break any records or anything, but looks fun and entertaining. And isn't that what most people want at the end of the day?

Looks ok to me.  I loved Rocket Man (which we watched a couple of weeks ago).

Probably either this or Toy Story 4 this weekend.

We are hoping to see TS4 tomorrow. Going to throw in a trip to Wagamama beforehand. Mmmmm.

Yes. But I can't get past the fact that Richard Curtis wrote the screenplay and the premise is a rehash of an episode of Goodnight Sweetheart. And the rumours of the ending... sad

Maybe Danny Boyle will save it. Maybe. 

a cab has just driven past me advertising with its livery "BIG the musical".


peaked, about 1994 by my call

There are no new ideas, obviously.

I don't mind Curtis's films (I am a humungous fan of About Time) but I find his dialogue has weird syntax sometimes, though. I will watch Yesterday knowing that it is light and fluffy stuff. I don't know about the ending rumours and don't care particularly.

Way too much swearing and too many (i.e. more than zero) weedy floppy-haired buffoons for my liking.

There's only room for one floppy haired weedy bufoon in this here cinema and that's 3dux

I want to see this and intend to force OH to accompany me this weekend 

A romcom about an aspiring singer songwriter in which Ed Sheeran has a major role?

Fvck that, not with yours, m4

Actually on reflection, fuq "Yesterday", I want to see "The Dead Don't Die" instead.

I saw Yesterday. It could have done a lot more with the premise but just settled for being a trite rom com.

Going to see Midsommar this weekend.

Midsommar looks like a gory, overlong, lesser version of the Wicker Man. I'll prob wait until it's on Netflix.