The Yellowhammer assumptions

These are less concerning than a run of the mill French ferry strike. 

I imagine Dominic Grieve is very salty this evening.

They predict that people will die as a result of this fuckwittery, you khunts.

Hundreds of thousands without power, food prices to rise, a complete fuckup with the fishing industry not to mention chaos with medical supplies including flu vaccinations.

Yeah, no worries.

Oh and the (identical) original leaked document had one glaring change in the title.

Base Assumptions.

Not worst case as it was changed to when released today.  Potentially a contempt of parliament adjustment.  This isn’t worst case scenario stuff this is what the boffins are predicting will be the base assumptions.  Lovely eh?

Please quote the death prediction and  cross reference, LP.

bradders i thought u at least were above sealioning

Paragraphs 6 and 20 for a start, Brad.

Unless you are not clever enough to add 6 and 20 and get 26, in which case that might explain why you voted leave. 

Heh. You're not allowed to ask people to back up their statements nowadays. It's "sealioning". Bloody stupid phrase. 

The government line on this is nonsensical - yes you can take measures to assist in a national disaster off course you can, especially if you spend billions.   That doesn't alter the fact that it is brainless to voluntarily cause the disaster in the first place.

Sealioning?  Bobbing about in the water occasionally coming up for breath?

It's a thing, Sails.

Barking "Arf! Arf!" constantly and clapping flippers.

Implication, I think, that the moustachioed, bald appearance of a sealion is gammonish, and the mindless braying and clapping is apt.

Project Yellowhammer was drafted by remainers to give Phil Hammond a semi.



It'll be fine.

What evidence do you have to support your assertion "it will be fine" Shooty?  Or is it blind optimism?