The Yellow Line

How close to the edge will you stand?  

Personally well behind the line as I'm terrified about getting nudged by someone behind me and ending up under a train.

I have had balance issues as a result of damage to my inner ear years ago so I always stand well the fvck back.

I have had a colleague who was formerly a social worker in a hospital for the criminally insane, and on foot of his advice about who else is standing beside you on a train platform, I stand well back.

I stand behind the line and then when the train is pulling in I turn round and scrutinise everyone behind me to see if anyone looks like a nutter.

You also stand well down the platform, not the end where the train hurtles out of the tunnel. That's where the jumpers and pushers congregate.

Here is another piece of advice for the yellow line avoiders.  Whenever you go to the toilet you should ensure that you completely remove one leg from any trousers, shorts, skirt etc. that you're wearing. 

That way when a nutter bursts into your toilet cubicle with a knife you will be better able to defend yourself as your legs won't be effectively tied together.

Not sure what that’s got to do with me getting dizzy and falling over tbf.

I don't think I've ever seen a cubicle door that I'd trust to keep a determined nutter out.

I don't think you have quite understood how skirts work, arbiter.

I have definitely observed that some skirts fall to the ground rather easier than others.

And AIUI women may look to keep their skirt around their knees to avoid it effectively mopping the floor.  Even if it did fall down relatively quickly there is the knickers issue and just the trip hazard inherent in a recently fallen skirt.

Better safe than sorry.

And no Teclis, not really aimed at you.

What chase and sails said , I’m slightly paranoid in that regard.

To be honest I'm not worried about being pushed by a nutter but I am worried about someone not paying attention bumping into me or someone who's overeager to get on the train starting to move forward behind me as the train comes in.

I worked with someone who fell between the platform and a train one day and luckily people fished out before the train moved so she was only bruised.

Panties is one of those words that makes me shudder.

Whenever I'm in London, I avoid standing close to the line or in front of anyone. It's a violent city and I don't trust anyone there, let alone nutcases on the platforms. The Jubilee line  has barriers, like some lines on the Paris Metro, so there are no worries about being pushed. Stabbings, though, is a different issue. That makes London a no-go area, frankly.

that word is only used by children or male porn addicts or male porn addicts with a children fetish also known as paedocrabs. Seriously disturbing word.   Stop it.

When I was a child I saw a scene in a 70s spy fillum where a hand comes out of the crowd and pushes a man under the tube train.

I had total fear for a while after that and could not stand anywhere but in the middle of the platform. I still have a bit of a wince now and then as the train approaches and I imagine...

Better safe than dismembered under a tube carriage.

yeah, because in the real world that is a thing that might actually happen

so if that happened every single day you would stand a 1 in 5 million chance of it happening to you?


The stress of even thinking about it happening to you will be far more likely to speed your eventual death.

Better run a vanishingly small risk of being dismembered than live your life in a fog of paranoia.

Or is this just a specific phobia you lot all have? If you were rationally uncomfortable with this level of risk you would never get in a car for example. All those nutters out there on the road.

Probably less than a 1 in 5 million chance, given that I stand well back. :-)