Wtf West Ham

Shocker from the fans. And it's not a "small minority" - probably 50+ cups and other items thrown onto the pitch. 

put it on the box expecting 2 feel dirty but obliged 2 support wet sham

that feeling has nicely disappeared

they were attacked by the Fiorentini. As a Fiorentino, a lifelong fan of the Viola, I am ashamed.

ranking of london clubs from worst fans 2 best:



west ham



crystal palace





well done hammers

shame u have such khuntish fans*

but well done


*apart from my m7 goose**
**unless he’s talking nonsense about brexit

Yeah it's embarrassing to have fans attack players from other clubs 

The diving is embarrassing

But my god will they be partying in Prague tonight

Just hope that all stay safe (unlikely)

I can only assume serge has never been to the cottage.  The worst atkosphere of any game I've been to.  Admittedly I was in the home stand during a cup game against the orient.  The latter were winning and their fans were having a proper hoot.  Drowning out the home support (although admittedly not hard to drown out the polite and softly voiced lameness of "come on fulham" with its implicit "if you don't mind awfully")

worst 2 best was meant in the “most offensive 2 least offensive” sense, not as in quality of atmosphere

which should have been obv from the fact chelsea r at the top, cos even tho their fans r ultra khunts the couple of occasions i’ve been 2 stamford bridge it has been rel7ively rocking

True Davos, we all know which club would have blamed the other side and had t-shirts printed up defending the perpetrator.