Writing messages on bananas

I'd be really worried about toxic chemical leaching out of the ink and into the banana that I was about to consume.

Don't worry Judo, there won't be any bananas in the UK after Brexit anyway.

(Probably plenty of other food containing toxic chemicals once we've abolished all customs checks or done a trade deal with the US though.)

*gives ML sideways glance*

*backs away slowly*


JC, why wold you expect to be a recipient of one of the bananas with MM's personal message?

I just searched my photos for banana and realised my sister does this too!

What is this all about? Why are you writing on bananas?


I think street walking sex workers are more concerned about different "toxic banana" risks tbh


(have you seen the ace James Stunt story in today's Popbitch?)

yes apparently parents write motivational messages on bananas put in their kids' lunch boxes.

19 apaz, but some of them are in the context of pictures of a healthy trolley full of shopping etc.

I will see if I can provide some of my examples...

Ugh. I cannot work out how to. Nevermind.

I am not a sex worker though. These banana inscriptions are from my mother, sister and there was even one from my last boss in private practice.

Anna can you please tell us more about the great banana producing areas of the EU?  Am I right in thinking Cape are based in sollihull?

Didn’t this become a thing after that Honda ad in the 90s? I remember writing offensive messages on my school chums’ bananas, so to speak. [/sailo]

I thought that ink in pens is designed to be accidentally ingested by kids so isn't toxic.   I was a little surprised recently to find that plasticine is quite edible although it makes sense.

Wang, it's cute that you think a no deal Brexit will only affect trade in goods originating in the EU. (Some EU countries do in fact grow bananas.)

I draw a Winky fave on my 4yr olds packed lunch tangerine every day 


Heart emoji 

tbf re bananas I don't think they sell many in the EU? the tenerife ones don't seem to travel well

It's a her and it'd be a cause worth her dying for 

The ones from Guadeloupe and Martinique are nice though Clergs.


I don't know why I pictured a boy

now I am jealous of how loved she is

If it helps i can also hope you die from tangerine ink poisoning 

Winky fave?  


I'm rapidly discovering that I'm out of touch with modern parlance.

And I daren't google it at the office.


Maybe I should become a judge after all.

So you can Google whatever you like when you're supposed to be working?

Well, you say that, but I remember an afternoon spent sitting in the public gallery when I was a student. Could clearly see one of the barristers playing solitaire all afternoon. We'd certainly have been able to see the judge Googling, bur probably not close enough to make out the words, "what is winky fave".