would you give fairy wings and a wand that are marked "36months+"

to a 2 year old or would it be a genuine death risk?

chz child-headz

Does it have small parts?

I tend to look at the thing itself and whether it is a choking hazard or something else hazard - the manufacturer will always play safe

I'd say the bands on the wings could strangle someone and the wand could jab someone in the eye

but then so could everything

u know what's weird? there are these things called squishmallows that are just big round cushions and they are "3+"

what peril lies therein??

I think they're a suffocation risk Clergs, but you'd have to try pretty hard.

I'd chance the fairy wings tbh - fine with parentals on hand. 

very much child/parent dependent.  All seven of my kids have been ok with that kind of think by 2. 

But some children aren't, and some parents are ultra careful.  

I decided to wait until they are 3 - would be bad to be the giver of the gift that offed yer pal's kid