Would you do it?

So just finished breakfast and still pondering about something.

The lady I'm seeing at the moment has her own business, in the development stage at the moment, which is to say that she's basically freelancing while she builds up enough clients for it to be a proper business.  Therefore, to help pay the rent and whatnot, as well as give herself some structure, she's taken a rather lower level part time managerial role.

So far so normal.  Last week, at a training day, they were given various team building tasks as well as being required to work together to perform the Haka as a motivational exercise.  Would you have done this?  I would flat out refuse.  It's not only totally disrespectful to Maori culture, but I think also represents the most bitter rugby rivals of my country.  She said that she tried to refuse, mainly because she didn't want to looked like an idiot, but was told she had to do it.  

Would you have done it?  I think I'd have had to walk out.

I’d have told them to fvck off and where’s their diversity policy. 

I'd have done it but come up with my own Welsh version involving leeks, daffodils and dragons.

Any effort from a bunch of office workers would probably be better than the drunken naked version I once witnessed in NZ.

Yep that's about the best corporate team building thing I've heard of.  


i did once get to shoot my cvnt of a boss right in the danglers during paintballing on a retreat.  he was on my team...

On my dad'd side and tend to keep it quiet unless there's potential for a comedy killing a dragon with a daffodil haka or the like.

I’d have refused to do the Hakka but would have offered to go Zulu and wear a leopard skin pouch with nothing else whilst I wave around a spear

David Brent is alive and well 

I would have done a Campese 

I once worked at Deloitte. it was a long time ago. One of the Directors (which even then i realised was a sh*t job for a guy in his 40s) was in charge of grad recruitment and as i was a grad trainee i was ear-marked to go visit a campus, UCL to be precise. this was until i realised that he wanted us all to wear (i sh*t you not) branded Deloitte t-shirts and brand Deloitte caps.

I said no.

Because i'm not a complete fvcktard.

right answer, but I'll have to mark you down on your reasoning there

Wouldn’t have bothered me at all - just a bit of fun.

Also tecco I thought that England were Wales’  bitterest rugby rivals?

At least they stand a chance of beating England from time to time. Churchill was still prime minister last time Wales beat the All Blacks.

No. I have an extremely low embarrassment threshold. Especially at work events. 

Corporate team building is almost always utterly cringeworthy and almost always counter-productive.

I simply don't know people, e.g.: HR teams in law firms, subscribe to such patent ridiculous and expensive nonsense.

Try doing one of these team building exercises and running a buzz-word bingo game?

Not in my lifetime :( Come close a couple of times but that's about it.  

“......and this song’s simply called ‘9-3’....”

And you can shove that Johnny wilkinson right up your arse.

i do wonder if I've ever planted leeks, dragons and daffs in buzz's front garden in my various visits to fakeQ as you like to call it.

No Tec. I am Welsh but even I think Henson is an arse. 

Shh I was trolling.

my favourite ever piece of commentary is about Henson where the guy goes "if he makes this kick he can shave any part of his body that he likes"

henson makes the kick

"shave away gavin! Shave away!"


Can't argue with that.  Media circus and celebrity obsession caused him to ruin himself for professional rugby.  He was never going to be a Shane Williams, but he could have been a right handy player, more so than he turned out which was a bit part sometime star who shagged the voice of an angel. :(


He is an arse. I remember reading newspaper reports of him and his drunken mates terrorising female passengers on a train. La Church is well rid.

he's just a silly little boy

his various club mates never like him. theres great footage of one one-punching him unconscious in a bar

he left that club soon after

i remember guscott interviewing him before his first cap and he was totally disrespectful to a legend of the the game, from is own position

alarm bells went off from the off

A one kick pony - with unfeasibly smooth legs.