Would you accept furlough or resign?

I'm an in-house lawyer in tech and have been "told" to accept furlough leave from next week.  The government's £2,500 will equate to about 30% of my normal salary and my employer is not offering to top it up.  It's going to be a struggle for my family given our financial commitments. 

I'm thinking it would be better to just hand in my notice and (presumably) take full pay for my 6-month notice period which is enough time to (hopefully) find a new job. 

Really keen to hear what others would do in this situation... my head is spinning.

FFS - all PILON is taxable and has been since April 2018...

PILON is NEVER tax free anymore. 

HMRC changed the rules a while back. 

"Teclis02 Apr 20 13:59

Lol @ dux.  Yeah right, 30k.... some people probably pay more than that in childcare and schooling.  Get a grip."

My point is that a lot of people on here (NB NOT me) aren't particularly reliant on their salary to get by. They have substantial investments / private income, so could afford to live on £30k for half a year or so.

Fair.  I live on £0k salary and have done so for the last four years or so lol.  I thought you were being sarcastic, my apologies.

Wibble, that's not the same as what you said earlier or am I being thick and missing the point.

PILON is taxable. I have been fired more than most. I should know.

Yeah I though that too Rue hence taking the point

LA, I would expect it was always taxable if you were actually fired. Being made redundant is a different story. 

no. Pay in lie of notice is now always taxable in all cases no matter what. 


Wibble seems to have done a screeching, nay shuddering, 180 degree turn in the space of about 1 hour...

No wibble just did not read the question properly before. 



OP why would you resign?

Just say no (fook all they can do without lay-off clause in your contract), wait for them to butcher some kind of redundancy over the next month, your notice period won’t start running for a month later and you’ll get the same money plus a redundancy payment and some decent leverage to get a bit more cos they will have fooked up the redundancy.

I had a client that was so pissed off at somebody saying no to a big furlough reduction that they are going to throw a huge pile of money at him AND give him a good claim because they think they are proving a point to the rest of the company. Madness. 

As an ex employment lawyer I’d just like to say “gr8 thread”

Tbf Wibble was nailing it compared to lots of wierdly lame advice early in the thread. 

But then he got a pretty fundamental point of law totally wrong then pivoted to ‘not having read the Q properly’ without a simple admission he got the Pilon tax changes wrong.

Wtf is it with lawyers and their total inability to admit error?

Even on an anonymous message board.

Wibble is the long haired bloke who used to work at the animal named place up north yes?  In which case I 100% buy the “I fooked up the reading” vs “I fooked up a simple PILON question”.