Worst practice areas with least career progression
la persona imp… 26 Mar 21 13:12
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- litigation 

- restructuring

- lev fin

gimpiest areas of the gimpiest gimps

Litigators make no money, write angry letters and have no partnership or exit opportunities, they sit in a traffic jam for 20 years

RS is just obviously balls. Nowhere to go.

lev fin, what are you going to do? Work for a bank? Less money than PP, same hours. Pretend your a banker but in reality you’re just a gimpy doc blozzer 

I am so angry at these people and their sh1tty life choices

This is why I chose M&A. Clear career path:

  • checking conformity to house style
  • pasting sections into DD report
  • Filing STFs
  • Completing funds transfer form
  • Supervising all of the above

It's a roughly 40% reduction in hours for a 15% reduction in pay Biggie. HTH. And who the fu ck actually wants to be a banker beyond the usual fantasists like yourself who no doubt got stuck on a wanking loop watching Industry?

by career progression, do u mean exit options?

exit options are for the weak

I’m not Charlie Jacobs but I know him. What do you want me to ask?

"Why are you angry at other people's life choices?"

Because for biggie to feel good and right, other people need to feel bad and wrong 

Didn't Biggie leave after he got pwned for essentially admitting to sexual assault on here?

No. Lies were told after posts were deleted. I don’t propose a back and forth.

Partnership is for the strong, but everyone is miserable. Also 200k for starting non equity at a Travers or Reed Smith...Jesus.

It works well when you come in to build out a team and don’t answer to too many, and can focus on BD rather than billables.

Who cares about progression and BD?  I much prefer just dealing with happy people who have just been told they can collect the keys to their new home.

No, go on, what was the not rapey conduct whose description got you banned?  I never saw the offending post. I do remember you posting about needing a bar recommendation so you could get your date wasted specifically to make her amenable to sex... also admitting to putting holidays as business expenses on your tax return.

Ah right. I thought you'd tried to act the big man by bragging about some form of conquest on here and then got immediately pwned due to it sounding incredibly wrong and rapey

Are you not more angry about the shitty life choice you made in that moment than what some person who you don't know chooses as their practice area?

On expenses, another issue misconstrued. Holidays are only business expenses for my property company as and when I am legitimately reviewing overseas opportunities. This happens to be every time I ever go away.

I have bossed my life choices.

I worked in litigation during my brief law career. F*cking grim level a million. 

Biggie! Are you staying in London? Or going dubai? Remember the chap at Winn Solicitors- a litigator who made 10-20 million in one year?

Yes, I agree these are valued and worthwhile threads positing uncontroversial content for the salvation of many.

They represent considerable pro bono initiative and I am glad to give back.

I am sometimes disappointed with the lack of engagement. There surely must be a larger audience of litigators on here who would like to chime in with their considerable life regrets.

I am always happy to advise on how to change your practice area, and what areas to avoid and why.

You'll never make any money, or have any career options in litigation. Partnership is limited. So common to see 15+ PQEs sitting around miserable. Sometimes at some "counsel" level which is really just corporate speak for senior associate / failed partner.