Worst pick up lines that worked

What has worked for you or on you? Give me all of the cringe.

Worked on me: "Hi, let's fuck."


Well i’m thinking of trying this one, maybe you could give me your reaction:

”I’ve got something more exciting for you than sticking your finger in a dyke”

I can't remember the last time anyone used a pick up line on mecrying

My worst was the one I used on my current girlfriend when I went outside the pub because she was there and as she said she and her friend were going back inside I said “But I only came out to talk to you”.

We are, amazingly enough, still together quite a few months later.

Once a long time ago a lady told me she was a medical student and that the foam party we were dancing embarassingly amid could lead to my socks staining my shoes.  she insisted I went back to hers for a bath.  trufax.

have you ever done the bits (as it's now described) without the other first asking you to bath/shower wang?

A friend at uni who is now I believe a head of department in a law firm used to simply approach ladies and ask "do you like cock?".  It actually worked every now and then.

Heff I think most women these days would expect a basic level of personal hygiene.  you should probs also brush your teeth.  hth

 What she actually said, Wang, was ‘I’m not fucking you if you’ve any tips your shoes in that foaming bleach so  if we’re going to have sex then I demand that you have a full immersion cleanse first’

Not so much a line, as a general approach, aka being a peacock 

she momentarily stopped snogging me and said “I can’t believe I’m snogging a bloke in red trousers”

Haha I was just grinning because I thought it was cute when I first learned how that had come about and it was a nice reminder that some stories do have happy endings even if mine wont.

"Whatever happens tonight, you're going to tell your mates that you had great sex. Let's go make that true." Never failed. 

My notm7 trev at law school used the line "you may as well sleep with me cos I'm going to tell everyone you did in the morning anyway".

he was an utter belle fromage tho tbf