Working hours poll

Pretty much 8.30 - 18.00, Mon - Fri, 

Weekends completely free.

Travelling time 10 minutes each way.

The occasional email / phone call to be answered out of hours but no biggie if I don't.

Money's shite though.

There was a three line whip on this. 

You’ve all had the whip removed. 

9 -5 Mon - Fri

weekends free

90 minute travel each way

money is amazing (for my line of work, not by ROF standards)


im back in bed having walked the dog along the beach.  Dog is now fast asleep in that funny demanding mode where they’re asleep but they want their tummy rubbed.

Stormtrooper pj bottoms for those who were interested.

0830 - 1630 Mon - Fri in theory 

Actually more like 0845 - 1600 with Wed WFH

70 min commute


11.7 Mon to Fri ( I DON'T WORK WEEKENDS)

45M each way commute when it is aLl running smoothly

currently ...

0 hours

every day is free

travelling time is 0 mins

money is nil though

I’m freelance, so it depends, but usually 10-7 three weekdays and then about seven to ten hours each of the weekend days, depending.

7 to 3 no commute Wfh. Travel 2 to 4 times a month with long days.  Money is good.

Pretty much 8ish to 5 ish apart from Friday when I finish at 3.

Commute is about 15 minutes on a bike or in a car (about the same either way).

Weekends and out of hours only rarely touched by work.

Money is alright.


Mon - Fri (WFH 1-2 days a week).

No weekends.

commute 34 mins each way.

Money is amazing (or moderately good in rof standards)

Stress levels minimal

boss - top bloke


It's "where do you go to charge your phone for free/benefit from a/c in summer".


I genuinely missed the office A/C when I was on holiday and wished I was back in work. 

Laz, you might want to tell your employer that you are freelance as they still seem to think that you are working for them according to their website.

A view shared by the Law Society.

9.30/10ish to 8ish on a good day or until stupid O'clock on a bad day. It's not crazy intense most of the time these days though and I often spend an hour at the gym (or more often on rof...).  Weekend work is rare but not unheard of.  The real p1sser is how interrupted holidays tend to be.

The money is silly.

9:15 to 6 for the most part. Very few nights beyond that or weekends, a fair bit of pissing around during the day. I do need to keep on top of emails to at least a vague extent when on holiday. 

Pay is poor compared to a MC equity partner, excellent on the basis of anyone with any real sense of perspective.  

When he’s not being the guardian’s association football commentator obviously.

But on the plus side, as we know from ‘Bill and Ted’, reaping sure burns a lot of calories.

Generally think my hours are pretty good. Sure there are times when they are manic. There was a period last year of a week of 20+hour days. I don't get paid as much as if I had stayed in PP but the money is decent and I'm not as stressed as I was.

perfectly normal, do you go through a law firm to find your freelance work?

He went through a law firm to get the work to the extent that he reports to his desk each day where the firm gives him work to do in return for a salary.

I am coming back to the grind of London in a week. Let's see. 

08:00 - 18:30/19:00 - later if crunch time. Not worked a weekend in over a year.

0830-1700. 1hr lunch.  45 mins commute in morning during term time, 20 mins or so in the evening. Pay OK, helps that it's tax free.  Never worked weekends, very occasional late evening.  

About 845 - 545. WFH one day a week. Never do much longer, if I’m particularly busy I’ll just take the laptop home and do an hour later in the evening rather than hang around the office. Did about 5 hours work at weekends the whole of last year and if I ever have any work commitments in the evening it generally involves a skinful.

Can be out of the office at 5 any given day if needs be. Very rarely have the conviction to do any more than 5 hours working on a Friday under any circumstances. Tops. 

The long hours I read about (and often in regions, not just London) just aren’t worth the trade off for me. People working 8-8 as a standard day in Bristol or working 8-630 daily in regional Eversheds office is depressing. 

Whatever I want, whatever is interesting. I don't commute any more, but sometimes I will chuck 12 hours into something.from the home o$ice.

7.30am to 11pm ish weekdays and weekends. Every day follows broadly the same pattern - sitting with Young Gwenners as she forces herself to eat her meals and snacks, driving her to hospital appointments, trying to keep her distracted from her anorexic thoughts, sometimes driving OH to his hospital appointments, trying and failing to tidy up my house, sometimes snatching half an hour watching TV, reading ROF, occasional conversation with friendly neighbour, hasty visit to parents.

It is all rather unrelenting. Typing this I have realised that I have NO social life, no time to read books ... Let's hope it gets better soon.

I forgot - the money is non-existent but I don't mind.

At desk 8.30am to 6pm M to Th. 5pm on F. Often do 2 hours before the brats wake up at 7am as it's the quietest time of day. Hate working evenings but luckily rare. Dip in on a Sunday evening to plan my week. Emails monitored all the time but don't find it too intrusive. 8 min commute en velo. Pay is great generally but even better as it's in Cardiff. 

Fairly normal city corporate hours. 9:30am to 7:30pm with some late night/early morning finishes. 75min commute each way. One day WFH. Rarely work weekends, but do the odd half day.

At desk by 7.30-8 usually leave office between 5-6. Occasional evening call or email, never weekends or when on holidays.

Compensation and benefits is decent enough

OD you’d be surprised. These Bristol firms sell themselves on quality of work. Which they steal from City firms for less money. Meaning that their lawyers have to put in the hours so that they’re not giving slower turnaround than City firms. But pay them a lot less.

I know a lot of people who moved to Bristol thinking the money was great. They were actually just working London hours for Bristol wages. Earning 20% more than they would be in Cardiff, Reading etc, but working 25-30% more. 

Saying that I know plenty of people in regional corporate teams that routinely work until 7, and if there’s a deal on until 11pm-2am ish. Fine if you’re on north of 80k as an NQ, not if you’re earning 45k 3-4 years qualified. 

I don't know anyone who works till 8pm in Bristol 

I work 9 to 5:30 Monday to Friday 

9am to 4pm, sometimes 5pm most days.  Very good dosh for what I do.

7am-7pm plus a half hour around 4am. 

Pay will be nil once my paid parental runs out. 

Despite the hours, it beats the office by a long shot.