Working Form Home

Really not what its cracked up to be! 


I think I will be forking out for an office earlier than anticipated

be sure to come back here for advice on every little issue associated with it

I hate wfh so much

sitting at my dining room table on my sore dining room chair

I love it.  assume you've had a late snooze, 2 poncy coffees and a bacon sarn?  Then you have to fit in a nice walk round the park, lunch in an internet providing cafe and shopping for dinner.

I have had an orange polenta cake and two espressos now u mention


Clergs is a tragic victim of Calvinist rules against cushions

wfh is awesome.

wear what you want, listen to what you want

No firewall, potter about the garden

sign for parcels, let the plumber in

escape all the randoms popping into your office to ask stupid questions


What's not to like?

Pretty much wot wang said, although clearly why would I spend money on lunch in a cafe with internet when I can lunch at my fully internet equipped house for a fraction of the cash and then have a pleasing after lunch siesta as the sun streams into the front bedroom. 

What cod be more agreeable?

I've found cod!  I'm a prawn again, Christian

Sperm whale?

Although technically not a fish of course.

Spent the first 18 months of it usually working at the dining room table just on laptop until eventually I thought my spine was going to crumble.  Now properly set up with proper office desk, adjustable chair, multiple screens and fuck off big printer. 

You need to set it up properly guys.

Upside for me is I have tonnes more energy and time without the commuting.

Downside is I miss being able to bounce ideas off people.  Even if they are all shitheads.

Pretty much the same as my home office set-up Buzz. I also have a weekly routine. If I have to go out for meetings etc. it is Monday to Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays I stay right here. Maybe the pub at lunchtime..


Its not occasional WFH, its every day all day, for the foreseeable

All the better. Get yourself set up properly, with a big desk and lots of monitors (or one big one like a 27in. iMac or similar) and a proper sound system. Spend good money on a proper chair.



I've been doing it for the last 6 years. I'd hate to have to go into an office every day again.

Your colleagues would feel worse supes you fartfountain

Free-guffage is definitely one of the benefits

All that hand-knitted yogurt and lentils takes its toll

The main thing is to get wanking down to a sensible level.

Also what they said:

Three monitor system.

Great music system.

Expensive chair.

Excellent scanning / notetaking / communications and VC software and equipment.

Coffee machine

Bob's your uncle and Fanny is your mother's brother.

*stretches out*

I do this cool thing called ‘paid finders fee from home’

Such a wonderful life.  Pets dog.

I don't need to commute into a London office Monday to Friday anymore. People can always reach me if they need to, seven days a week. The way it is these days, I have taken several phone calls on a Sunday morning after the papers come out.

Screens? Yes I have three of them. One is a Dell Alienware set-up. If the phone rings I have to say hold on a minute, I'm busy chasing Russian MiGs over the North Pole.

They know I'm not mad really.

Also, get yourself a NAD D 3020 and suitable speakers and hook it up to your desktop via USB.

I've had this thing on my desk for a few years now and it is fucking great. I just felt like telling someone.

Wang's Upon a Time15 Mar 19 10:37

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Clergs is a tragic victim of Calvinist rules against cushions


Nathaniel sits on a spike. And I sit on Nathaniel.  Two spikes would be an extravagance.

A Marshall 80 watt rack mounted guitar amp and speakers with Alesis Quadraverb , compressor and other things works just as well Supes.

They sit under the desks.

my main issue is that if you are a woman and “at home” working, the whole world assumes you are a housewife with nothing better to do than wait in for tradesmen, deliveries etc. No one values your time.


I have two computers just running the usual boring stuff. How and why a building or bridge collapsed, its what I mostly do these days.

Not as much fun as plugging the Alienware computer into a Marshall stack and feeling, though the floorboards, the sound of the F-22 Raptor I'm flying on the screen.

I have three screens when WFH: the tele for Netflix, my personal laptop for pron, and my work computer for work. 

Changed up sitting at the dining room table for lying on the sofa. And occasionally in bed. 

Love it. 

am i the only one who works from bed? perfect lumbar support from loads of pillows, papers all over the bed.

Tam you realise of course what you have ajust teed up in response to that?  will it be Buzz or Tecco to say it?  or fluffy?

Yeah but not until at least Wednesday lunchtime the lazy fuckers