Work Music

Normally I have piano music on loop.

I'm in the office today and have Monsters (shinedown) on loop... it makes it hard to draft but fvck me... what I'm doing is boring...

What have you got playing?


It's been a variety today. Lorde, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kylie, Georgia, Prodigy and Joan Armatrading....

Horrid plinky plonky piano muzack makes me want to kill things.  


i realise this may be a good aide murdoire fore u dogstar

I play Yiruma and Dr Dennis Kuo (Study Music Project) Wangster...

Do you think there is a link with the death toll at Kitchen Cottage?


It sounds like that stuff would be very difficult for tecco to wank to.

I have headphones on all day... I can see that would be difficult for you!