Work headphones

Our company issued ones are a bit pants and I've just lost the pair that I use instead. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for amazing headphones that work well connecting to PCs and Mobile. 

Currently planning on getting aftershokz opencomm UC but I'm interested to hear other recommendations.

Jabra Evolve 75.  Very comfortable - perfect for all day use.  Noise cancelling. Dual Bluetooth to switch between phone and laptop.  Flip up the mic boom to mute. I'm on my second pair (left previous pair on a plane - dimwit).

I "upgraded" to a new headset and it was a fooking nightmare. For some reason it wouldn't talk properly to Teams. IT said it's not ours we can't help. I assume it's because our laptops are 4 years old so basically a stone and tablet.

It will be tax deductible under local laws, as it happens. 


@bananaman - loads don't talk properly to teams. The workaround is to find one with a dongle. 

Poly are better than Jabra. Tried both during lockdown and sold the Jabra. Main thing is to get soft over-the-ear ones not in-ear buds, because they are far easier to handle. 

Also ensure whatever you choose has good sidetone. Otherwise you'll just end up buying another pair. 

I'm with geek on the Jabras.  Quality.  I've got the company-issued over-ears, and bought myself a pair of the earbuds for outside work.

Don't know what shithouse jokeshop you work for m8 if they're not giving you decent kit.